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Folie von Methodenvielfalt Workshop Susanne Vogl
CuKnow Summer School 2022 - Methodenvielfalt

Vortrag „Mixed Methods“ (05.07.22, Susanne Vogl) im Rahmen der Summerschool der Graduiertenschulen der Sportwissenschaften und CuKnow

Blick in Bibliothek, Skupltur eines überdimensionalen Kopfes mit Silhouette eines Menschen darin
Wie schreibe ich einen wissenschaftlichen Blogbeitrag

Lena Puttfarcken
22.06.2022, 09:00-11:00 Uhr als Online Meeting

Veranstaltungsplakat; gelb und lilafarben mit Schrift; KIT/IfR
Critical Global South Perspectives on Sustainability

International Lecture Series, online




Studierende arbeiten gemeinsamKIT

The semester program is now online and available via this link!

The Graduate School “Cultures of Knowledge” provides the opportunity for doctoral researchers to experience the study of knowledge in a multitude of scientific contexts, expanding their academic background with interdisciplinary perspectives. The program will enable doctoral researchers to determine the historical, institutional, social and global conditions for the production of knowledge and diffusion in matters relevant for the KIT Center Humans and Technology.

Applying a broad knowledge concept allows to focus on specific practices in which knowledge is generated, stored, communicated, and applied. The concept “Cultures of Knowledge” thus allows to describe how people, groups of people (e.g. academics) or society as a whole deal with knowledge – and its absence.

As part of the KIT Center Humans and Technology, the Graduate School “Cultures of Knowledge” fosters close interaction between KIT departments in the humanities, social sciences, natural and engineering sciences as well as activities supporting the dialogue with public interest groups. The Graduate School gives doctoral researchers an opportunity to analyze seemingly abstract issues of “knowledge” in specific socio-technical constellations, places, innovation processes and organizations – from the perspective of a wide variety of scientific disciplines. In providing doctoral researchers with methodological tools that allow them to analyze and contribute to processes at the interface of science and society (e.g., innovation processes, policy advice or sustainability transitions), they will be well-prepared for future careers in this interface.


Call for Applications

The call for applications is now online!

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