Zwei Frauen stehen an Messestand und schauen Infomaterial anMuT
Award for Education for Sustainable Development goes to ZAK and MuT

For the first time, the Heidelberg Centre for Education for Sustainable Development has awarded the state-wide education prize "University Teaching for Sustainable Development". Ines Bott, Anne-Sophie Risse (ZAK), Richard Beecroft and Oliver Parodi (MuT) received the second prize for the "Spring Days of Sustainability". Markus Szaguhn, one of the first prize winners from Constance University of Applied Sciences, is now also working at MuT.


MobiLab Mobiles PartizipationslaborMuT_Judith Müller
Opening celebration MobiLab: 22nd September 2021, 3:00pm, Paulckeplatz

The MobiLab is officially put into operation. On this occasion, we would like to invite you to a small, casual opening celebration on Wednesday, 22 September, 3 pm. In addition to a tour of the MobiLab, we will also be happy to exchange ideas about possible forms of use!

Frau mit Projektion: Big Data / Future of WorkThisIsEngineering von Pexels
New article in the research blog: The future of work: Big Data and performance measurement in companies.

How can Big Data be used for management purposes? The article discusses the advantages of a new form of performance measurement for companies and their employees.

Mann vor Sonnenuntergang auf MüllkippeEduardo Carrera, Anfibia, Universidad Nacional de San Martín
New article on the research blog: Building materials from industrial waste - eco-industrial development in practice

The development strategy, which benefits from scientific cooperation between Karlsruhe and Buenos Aires, addresses three problems: Housing shortage, environmental pollution and unemployment.

Skizze von GeothermiefunktionGECKO Projekt
New article on the research blog: Participatory heat transition: the GECKO project at KIT

Heat generation accounts for 50% of energy consumption in Germany and thus plays a central role in the energy transition to achieve the climate goals. The transdisciplinary GECKO project integrates the local population into the planning of a geothermal plant for KIT.


EUCOR Region: Deutschland, Frankreich und SchweizKIT
EUCOR-Workshop: Acceptance of Technical Innovations on 12 July 2021

The KIT Center Humans and Technology, together with the German-French Institute for Environmental Research (DFIU), conducted an online workshop on the topic of "Acceptance of Technical Innovations". Participants were researchers. The aim was to bring together researchers from the EUCOR network who are already working in the field of acceptance of technological innovations or are interested in it. The Center Humans and Technology serves as a platform to further develop this research area and make it more visible.

Data TastaturNattanan Kanchanaprat, Pixabay
New article on the research blog: New Work – New Skills. New People? Skills in the workplace of the future

Digitalisation is changing the demands on teams and leaders. Which skills are central to this?

Reallabor Film
"Nucleus Cinema" - Promoting transformation processes through documentary films: Online premiere on 24 June 2021 at 5 p.m.

The 20-minute impulse film "Zusammenwirken" (Synergy) provides insights into the use of the research instrument real world lab as well as its possibilities and challenges in the context of social transformation. After the impulse talk and film screening, there will be space for discussions on the impact and possible uses of films as transformation media.

Dialogtag Netzwerk 2021Freepik: kjpargeter
- Invitation to the Dialogue Day 2021 - Economy & Technology

Again this year, the KIT Faculty of Economics is organising its annual celebration as part of the Dialogue Day - Economics & Technology. The focus of the event is the linking of science and practice. A diverse programme on this year's leading topic "The Future of Work" awaits you.

Christine Rösch bei der digitalen Veranstaltung Faszination WissenschaftKIT ITAS
- Fascination science: Bioeconomy as a way out of the ecological crisis

Does the bioeconomy have the potential to provide a way out of the climate crisis? Scientists from the KIT discussed this question at the university’s annual celebration. Dr. Christine Rösch, head of the research group sustainable bioeconomy at ITAS and member of the KIT Center Humans and Technology, was also part of the panel.

Falling Walls Lab KarlsruheFalling Walls Lab Karlsruhe
- Falling Walls Lab Karlsruhe: Which wall will your research break? Apply now!

On 16 June 2021, young researchers, students and young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their research, ideas or business models in short talks to a jury. The best can join the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin. The deadline for applications is 2 June 2021.