Semester Program Summer 23

Here you can find the program of the Graduate School for the summer semester 23. Please note that the program is still subject to change and additional events or dates may be announced at short notice.

Registration for events on Ilias is mandatory for members of the Graduate School, the links are listed in the detailed information.

The listing of events follows the structure of the Graduate School.


Interdisciplinary Roof: Cultures of Knowledge
Title Lecturer Type Time L-No.
Sonstige (sonst.) 8024050

Anna Keitemeier,
Pascal Vetter,
Annika Nasz,
Dr. Carmen Ulrich

Seminar (S)

David Lohner,
Dr. Stefan T. Siegel

Seminar (S)
Historical Pillar
Title Lecturer Type Time L-No.
Kolloquium (KOL) 5012034
Hauptseminar (HS) 5012009
Dr. Christoph Schmidt-Petri Hauptseminar (HS) 5012071
Kolloquium (KOL) 1800022
Prof. Dr. Martin Papenbrock Vorlesung (V) 1800003
Dr. phil. Jesús Muñoz Morcillo Sonstige (sonst.) 1800014
Institutional Pillar
Title Lecturer Type Time L-No.

Verschiedene Dozent*innen

Kolloquium (KOL) 0000001
Seminar (S)
Seminar (S) 2520500
Vorlesung (V) 2560236
Vorlesung (V) 2530218
Societal Pillar
Title Lecturer Type Time L-No.
Prüfung (PR) 7400526
Vorlesung (V) 2545001
Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner
Dr. Alexander Bagattini
Vorlesung (V) 2400094
Seminar (S) 5011013
Global Pillar
Title Lecturer Type Time L-No.
Maria-Dorothea Wolf
Dr. Denise Heike Böhnke
Vorlesung (V) 6328033
Maria-Dorothea Wolf Seminar (S) 6328028
Vorlesung (V) 6043106
Vorlesung / Übung (VÜ) 2150660




Prof. Dr. Ingrid Ott
Center Humans and Technology (MuT),
Chair in Economic Policy (ECON)
+49 721 608 - 45257 (Telephone)∂





Prof. Dr. Darko Jekauc
Head of the Health Education and Sport
Psychology Department (IfSS)
+49 721 608 - 45725 (Telephone)





Dipl.-Geogr. Christina Benighaus
Center Humans and Technology (MuT),
Coordinator KIT-Graduate School
„Cultures of Knowledge“
+49 721 608-23225 (Telefon)
+49 721 608- 26746 (Fax)

M. Sc. Anna Keitemeier