Mobile Participation Lab "MobiLab"

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Welcome to the mobile participation lab "MobiLab"

The "MobiLab" was created in 2021 as a mobile participation lab in the form of a tiny house through a cooperation of the research group "Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainability and Cultural Change" at ITAS and the KIT-Center Humans and Technology. It represents a platform for the exchange of science and society and can be used for various forms of participatory research, citizen science, science communication as well as for participation and dialogue with society. The MobiLab is a novelty. Both the concept and the realization as a multifunctional tiny house produced in a sustainable way are unique.

Thanks to flexible equipment, state-of-the-art IT and optional furnishing of the surrounding outdoor space, experiments and many other formats of transdisciplinary and transformative research as well as bidirectional knowledge transfer can be conducted 'on site' with the MobiLab. Modern IT also helps to adequately illustrate the often technical and complex topics - such as autonomous driving, geothermal energy or climate change - e.g. via simulations.

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The MobiLab is based on the experience of the "Quartier Zukunft - Labor Stadt" (QZ) real laboratory, which has been implementing and researching contributions to sustainable urban development and a culture of sustainability in Karlsruhe since 2012. It became clear early on that research in and with society cannot succeed within the university, in the 'ivory tower'. The dialogue between scientists and social actors at eye level as a criterion for the success of good transdisciplinary and transformative research requires a presence in the midst of society. MobiLab thus combines and extends the functionality of the "Future Space" (from 2015) as a local, highly visible address, work and meeting space of the Reallabor and the Quartier-Zukunft-Mobil (from 2013), a heavy-duty bicycle that enabled mobile presence and interaction in urban space.

The MobiLab was realized under the leadership of the Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainability and Cultural Change (KAT) at ITAS and MuT in cooperation with a number of other partner institutions. MuT and KAT jointly coordinate its use. The construction was financed by funds from the KIT Excellence Initiative "Living the Change".

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Possible Use Cases

Thanks to flexible equipment, state-of-the-art IT and optional furnishing of the surrounding outdoor space, experiments and many other formats of transdisciplinary and transformative research as well as bidirectional knowledge transfer can be conducted 'on site' with the MobiLab. Modern IT also helps to adequately illustrate the often technical and complex topics - such as autonomous driving, deep geothermal energy, climate change, etc. - e.g. via simulations.

As a transdisciplinary infrastructure, MobiLab is an investment in the future for the entire real-laboratory research at KIT in the long term and will be available to all KIT research and development projects with real-laboratory relevance in the future. In particular, it will support - as a common, connecting research tool - the real labs and real-world lab professorships at KIT.

MobiLab can be used by all KIT research institutions that want to conduct sustainability-oriented real-lab research or transdisciplinary research. For further information and if you are interested in using it, please contact: mobilab-kokreis∂

Latest Events

Eucor-MobiLab Roadshow starts on June 26, 2023

Finally the time has come, the MobiLab goes on tour through the Upper Rhine region! The Eucor MobiLab Roadshow will start on June 26, 2023 at 17.00 in Freiburg im Breisgau with an opening ceremony. Afterwards, the MobiLab will be in Freiburg for four more days with a diverse program. Come by and feel free to pass on the event information.  In September and October, the other stops will be in Basel, Kehl, Strasbourg, Karlsruhe and Mulhouse. For more info, visit the Eucor-MobiLab Roadshow website.

To the Eucor-Mobilab Roadshow
Screenshot der EUCOR Workshop-Teilnehmenden auf MS TeamsSofia Ganter_Uni Freiburg_MS Teams
MobiLab Tour through the Eucor-Region 2023

During the digital workshop for the upcoming MobiLab Roadshow through the Eucor region, scientists and Eucor speakers from the universities in Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Basel, Freiburg and Mulhouse met on December 2. The thematic focus of the tour was further developed and organizational aspects were discussed. In January, a follow-up workshop with all participants of the tour will take place in Karlsruhe.

 Judith Müller
Eucor MobiLab Roadshow Interest Workshop on 02.12.2022

In 2023, the MobiLab will go on tour through the Eucor region and will make guest appearances at the universities of Strasbourg, Basel, and Freiburg. In addition, it will be part of the Science Week program at KIT. Those who are interested in using this event to do research at MobiLab were welcome to participate in the Interest Workshop on December 02, 2022. Registrations could be sent to Thomas Heine.

Logo von Podcast Labor ZukunftQuartier Zukunft
Labor Zukunft: "MobiLab- ein tiny house auf Tour für euch"

What is the idea behind MobiLab? How does a workshop in it work? What opportunities do Tinyhouses offer for more sustainability? In the podcast episode of Quartier Zukunft "Labor Zukunft - Forschung ohne Kittel" ran on November 29, 2022 at 20.00 the new episode, in which everything revolves around the MobiLab. Live as in the webstream of Campusradio and on 104.8 UkW. The episode can also be found on the Spotify channel of Labor Zukunft.

Hand hält einen Baum mit digitalen Nachhaltigkeitssymbolen außenherumAdobe Stock_Proxima Studio
Karlsruhe Energy and Climate Festival

As a contribution to the nation-wide Energy and Sustainability Days 2022, the MobiLab will be located on the Karlsruhe Festplatz on 24 September 2022. Together with the city of Karlsruhe, the energy network fokus.energie e.V. and the KEK, the team of the KAT offers interesting information, actions, workshops, program on the topic.

Menschen auf dem Weg: Karlsruher Tage der Demokratie 2022
Days of Democracy 2022 at Kronenplatz Karlsruhe

What can a sustainable transformation of our cities look like? The MobiLab on Karlsruhe's Kronenplatz will be offering information, hands-on activities and a citizens' survey on sustainability as part of the Karlsruhe Democracy Days from September 14-17, 2022.

Person schreibt mit Stift auf KIT Block.
KIT Topic Advisory Board

On July 7 2022, the MobiLab provides the framework for the visit of the reviewers of the Helmholtz Energy System Design (ESD) program. Location is the Energy Lab 2.0 at KIT, which exemplifies intelligent possibilities of energy generation and storaging.

MobiLab in Grötzingen

From May 13 to 20 2022, the MobiLab is located at the market place in Grötzingen. In cooperation with the "Karlsruher Energie- und Klimaschutzagentur" and the local group of Friends of the Earth, aAmong other things, a workshop on balcony solar panels was organized.

Menschen kommen für die Frühlingstage der Nachhaltigkeit zusammen
Spring Days of Sustainability

MobiLab will be at the Campus South from 28.03.2022-01.04.2022. We offer a diverse program consisting of workshops, hands-on activities and information opportunities about the activities of MuT and KAT.

Radfahrt durch den Wald
MobiLab at Waldstadtzentrum Karlsruhe

The mobile participation lab (MobiLab) invites you to a colorful program around sustainability, sustainable living, climate change, photovoltaics and engagement at the Waldstadtzentrum in Karlsruhe from 29.6. - 4.7.2022.

Mobilab mit Menschen die davor sitzenJudith Müller
"KIT im Rathaus"

On Monday, July 18, 2022 at 6:30 p.m., the KIT-Center Humans and Technology will present itself to the Karlsruhe public under the motto "Shaping Change". Complementary to the event, MobiLab will make a guest appearance from July 18-20 with a public program on the Marktplatz in front of the city hall. Research at the center can be experienced directly here, for example in the form of the "Science Bench". We are looking forward to your visit!

gemaltes Bild von Menschen vor dem mobilen Partizipationslabor "MobiLab"ITAS_Johanna Sterrer
Das MobiLab at the „Offerta“

From 30.10. to 05.11.21, the MobiLab was presented to the general public at the Offerta consumer trade fair. It serves the Tiny House e.V. as a demonstration object. A special show on the topic of Tiny Houses was held at the exhibition center in Rheinstetten in Hall 2, which served as preparation for the separate large Tiny House exhibition to be held the following year. Subsequently, the MobiLab was used as a venue for a citizens:inside dialogue on 06. and 07.11.21 as part of the KARLA project.

Sektgläser vor Mensch, der auf Bühne sprichtITAS
Opening the MobiLab

The MobiLab was officially opened on September 22, 2021. In best early autumn weather, contributors and interested people gathered to officially open the mobile participation lab for use and to celebrate this moment with a cider christening. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Ott, Dr. Oliver Parodi as well as architect Prof. Randolf Liem gave short speeches outlining the planning and completion process and acknowledging the efforts of all involved.