Semester Program Summer 2022

Here you find the program of the graduate school for the summer term. Please note, that the program may still be subject to changes; further events or dates may be announced on short notice.

The registration for the events on Ilias is mandatory for members of the graduate school, the links are listed in the detailed infromation.

The listing of the events follows the structure of the graduate school.

Curriculum of the Graduate School in shape of a Greek temple

Interdisciplinary Roof: Cultures of Knowledge
Titel Dozent Typ Zeit LVNr.
Block (B) 00011

Philipp Schroegel

Workshop 00013
Seminar (S) 00015
Historical Pillar
Titel Dozent Typ Zeit LVNr.
Kolloquium (KOL) 5012034
Oberseminar (OS) 5012061
Vorlesung (V) 5014303
Dr. Michael Poznic Oberseminar (OS) 5012012
Societal Pillar
Titel Dozent Typ Zeit LVNr.
Seminar (S) 5011002
Seminar (S) 5011018
Seminar (S) 5011013
Base: Basics of Academic Culture
Titel Dozent Typ Zeit LVNr.
Übung (Ü) 00016

PD Dr. Cornelia Rémi

Workshop 00017

Lena Puttfarcken

Workshop 00018