Bild Judith Müller

Dr. Judith Müller

  • c/o Sekretariat Prof. Dr. Ott und Zentrum Mensch und Technik
    Gebäude 01.87, 5. OG
    Rüppurrer Str. 1A
    76137 Karlsruhe

Current Position

Research Associate at the KIT Center Humans and Technology

Research Interests

  • Human-Environment Research
  • Political Ecology
  • Geographical Development Research
  • Water Governance
  • Sustainable Urban Development


  • Teaching at Heidelberg University
    • WS 2021/22: Introduction to Human Geography
    • SS 2019: Student Conference
    • WS 2018/2019: Qualitative Research Methods: Principal Tools and Case Studies from the Global South
    • WS 2017/2018: Geographical Views on Water Dynamics in Arid Mountain Regions (together with C. Zang)
    • WS 2016/2017: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Agriculture in South Asia in the Anthropocene (together with J. Poerting)
    • WS 2016/17: Human-Environment Research: "Water" from the Perspective of Human and Physical Geography (together with C. Zang)
    • WS 2015/2016: Excursion: Bonn - Federal City and Center of Development Cooperation (together with J. Dame)

Professional Background

2021-2022 Lecturer, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University
2021 PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), Thesis: "Urban Mountain Waterscapes in Leh, Indian Trans-Himalaya - The Transformation of Hydro-Social Relations", Heidelberg Center for the Environment & South Asia Institute, Dept. of Geography, Heidelberg University
2021 Research Associate, South Asia Institute, Dept. of Geography, Heidelberg University
2019 Research Assistant, book project "Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences", Heidelberg Center for the Environment, Heidelberg University
2014-2018 Research Assistant, Heidelberg Center for the Environment junior research group "Environment and Health in Arid Regions", Heidelberg University
2014 Magistra Artium, title of master's thesis: "Identity and National Park. The Gorani in Kosovo", University of Mainz
2011 Project Collaborator: "Dealing with the Past", Forum Civil Peace Service, Prishtina, Kosovo.

Selected publications

  • MÜLLER, J. (2022): Urban Mountain Waterscapes in Leh, Indian Trans-Himalaya. The Transformation of Hydro-Social Relations. Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research. Springer Cham.
  • DAME, J., MÜLLER, J., NÜSSER, M. & SCHMIDT, S. (2022): Wassergovernance, Urbanisierung und Klimawandel im Trans-Himalaya. In: Geographische Rundschau 74 (4): 26-32.
  • DAME, J. & MÜLLER, J. (2021): Urbanisation in Ladakh: migration patterns and socio-ecological implications. In: Beszterda, R., Bray, J. & Williams-Oerberg, E. (Hg.): New Perspectives on Modern Ladakh. Fresh Discoveries and Continuing Conversations in the Indian Himalaya. Torun: 73-93.
  • BUTSCH, C., FOLLMANN, A., KECK, M. & MÜLLER, J. (2021): Geographies of South Asia: Empirical Research and the Pandemic. ASIEN 156/157: 5-15.
  • MÜLLER, J., DAME, J. & NÜSSER, M. (2020): Urban Mountain Waterscapes: The Transformation of Hydro-Social Relations in the Trans-Himalayan Town Leh, Ladakh, India. Water 2020, 12, 1698. doi: 10.3390/w12061698.
  • MÜLLER, J., DAME, J. & BUTSCH, C. (Hrsg.): Aktuelle Forschungsbeiträge zu Südasien : 9. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien, 25./26. Januar 2019, Heidelberg, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2019 (Geographien Südasiens, Band 11).
  • DAME, J., SCHMIDT, S., MÜLLER, J. & NÜSSER, M. (2019): Urbanisation and Socio-Ecological Challenges in High Mountain Towns: Insights from Leh (Ladakh), India. Landscape and Urban Planning 189: 189-199. doi: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2019.04.017.
  • MÜLLER, J. & DAME, J. (2016): Small Town, Great Expectations: Urbanization and Beautification in Leh. In: South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal 14 (2).