About us

Human life today is largely determined by science and technology on the individual level as well as on the level of society. professional and private life, wealth, health, safety, value chains, communication, leisure, sports, and arts are interfused with influences of science and technology. They modify social traditions, long existing cultural habits, collective and individual identities, and put traditional moral standards in question.

KIT addresses with the center „humans and technology“ the expectations arising from these changes: establishing new ways of life and work, understanding changing attitudes and values. Moreover, society has numerous expectations as to how science and technology are to solve the grand challenges of the presence. Demographic change, sustainable development, securing the competitiveness of industry in view of globalization, and protection of human health are only some examples—these are bus a few of the issues which will not be managed without scientific-technical innovation.

The research agenda of the center covers a broad spectrum. It covers social effects of technological change as well as the public perception of technology, it spans from dynamically progressing digitalisation and visions for nanotechnology to the efficient use of renewable energy sources and sustainable building. In this center, scientists carry out both basic and applied research, also developing concepts for decision makers in policy and economy (transfer by consultation).